*On 2 October 2014, Arctik organised the final conference of the KARIM Conference & Debate project which presented the results and achievements of the innovation project set up to assist SMEs in North-West Europe. The conference took place at Palais des Académies in Brussels.

* KARIM (the Knowledge Acceleration and Responsible Innovation Meta network) is an EU-funded project that was set up to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in accessing innovation and technology from universities. The project goals is raising awareness on responsible innovation while taking into account social, economic and environmental factors and facilitating innovation transfer between business and knowledge institutions.

After 3 years, the KARIM project has reached its final phase and Arctik had been tasked by the KARIM Consortium to evaluate its outcomes and whether the project reached its objectives. The outcome of the evaluation will be communicated through a final report that will be presented after the conference. 

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 Conference video

KARIM final conference – 2 October 2014 from Arctik sprl on Vimeo.

-— *‘Responsible-Innovation in Practice: How to implement Responsibility Across an Organization’, (Cahier Innovation & Society), Pavie, X. and Carthy, D. (2013)

Facts about the projects

  • Title: KARIM project final conference & debate
  • Client: KARIM project consortium
  • Delivery: Organisation of a final conference, website development and management, design and content development, communication and dissemination strategy, evaluation of the project outcomes, twitter activity and photography during the final conference
  • Date: 02 Oct 14

Projects overview