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On 13 November 2014, the Norwegian Embassy in Brussels hosted a conference entitled: "The role of gas in the future energy mix in Belgium and North-West Europe". For the second time, the Embassy contracted Arctik to support the conference organisation and provide targeted communication activities.

Today, Norway is the second largest gas supplier to Europe and the largest supplier to Belgium. By 2025, Belgium plans to phase-out nuclear energy and will progressively replace it with gas and renewable energy sources, opening up opportunity for new developments in its energy policy.

Together with the Mission of Norway to the EU and in cooperation with Statoil, the Norwegian Embassy decided to organise this conference to address the energy challenges of Belgium and North-West Europe and highlight the role gas could play in their future energy mix.

In addition to organising and providing targeted public relations support, Arctik was also responsible for the branding strategy, the design and the production of communication materials. 

Highlights of the discussions can also be accessed on Twitter with the conference hashtag: #NorwayEUgas 

Background information:
- Gas exports from the Norwegian shelf 
- La sortie du nucléaire en Belgique (SPF Economie)


Facts about the projects

  • Title: The role of gas in the future energy mix in Belgium and North-West Europe
  • Client: Norwegian Embassy in Belgium and Mission of Norway to the EU
  • Delivery: Organisation of a half day conference, communication strategy and implementation, branding strategy, design and productions, public relations and development and management of a conference website
  • Date: 13 Nov 14

Projects overview