Don’t underestimate the power of wastewater!

Arctik leads the communication activities of POWERSTEP, an EU Horizon 2020 project, which aims to drive a paradigm shift in decarbonising the wastewater treatment sector.

This initiative involves 15 European partners who have joined forces to revolutionise wastewater treatment processes by converting Sewage Treatment Plants (STEPs) into power production facilities (POWER) while achieving a high effluent quality for the treated wastewater. The project period is from July 2015 until July 2018.

POWERSTEP demonstrates the novel concepts and design treatment schemes of wastewater treatment plants that will be net energy producers, paving the way for larger implementation and quicker market penetration and supporting the business plans of participating technology providers. The outcomes will be validated in at least 20 European wastewater treatment plants and discussions will be initiated with national and European bodies responsible for the design and regulation of environmental standards.

Already with a broad portfolio on environmental technologies, Arctik is providing innovative communication concepts and activities.

Among our planned activities for POWERSTEP, Arctik will:
• Develop a visual identity, a flyer and a website including public and private areas
• Create a communication kit
• Organise regional workshops with municipalities;
• Publish policy briefs
• Disseminate the project at events, workshops, conferences etc
• Target scientific publications and national media

More information is on www.powerstep.eu

Veolia Germany, Veolia Sweden, KompetenzZentrum Wasser Berlin, German Federal Environment Agency, Vienna University of Technology, Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques, Neas Energy, BIOFOS, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Sustec Consulting, Atemis, Electrochaea,aqua plant solutions, Hydrotech AB, EAWAG, and AnoxKaldnes AB.

Facts about the projects

  • Title: POWERSTEP - Full scale demonstration of energy positive sewage treatment plant concepts
  • Client: European Agency for Small and Medium sized Enterprises
  • Delivery: Arctik is leading the communication activities and will develop and implement innovative communication activities.
  • Date: 01 Jul 15

Projects overview