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Arctik has recently produced a series of videos aiming at increasing awareness about the EU Ecolabel and on the EU Eco-Management Audit Scheme (EMAS). While the EU Ecolabel helps consumers in making environmental-friendly choices, EMAS supports the public and private sector to tackle environmental challenges in their production and consumption processes.

EU Ecolabel – buy environmental friendly products or services

The EU Ecolabel is a voluntary label that promotes products that have a reduced impact on the environment. Compared to similar products available on the market, EU Ecolabelled products are responsible for less pollution and waste production. The use of hazardous products having an impact on health, animals and plants is also minimised for goods labeled with the flower. With more than 43,000 brands covered, EU Ecolabel ensures high quality products fulfilling environment standards.

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EMAS – bridge business opportunities and environmental performance

EMAS provides public authorities and the private sector with a proactive approach to tackle environmental challenges. EMAS registered organisations improve the environmental performance of their day-to-day operations with transparent and validated reporting, they run their activities, save money and resources whilst taking care of the environment!

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Note to readers:

  • An OECD analysis (2013) found that the number of labels increased roughly fivefold between 1988 and 2009. Ecolabeling is a growth industry, with more 450 ecolabels listed accross 197 countries.
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