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… and for the planet

The Internet is a secret polluter. The carbon footprint of online technologies is outpacing that of the aviation industry. So, we try to make attractive, but lean websites, that take less energy to load.

Websites that work for people…

Our web strategy emphasises simplicity, clarity and user experience. We like pretty things as much as the next person, but always design stylish websites are easy to use. We write crisp SEO web copy that’s easy to parse, even on small smartphone screens. All our websites and applications meet the W3C’s WCAG guidelines to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities.

Highlighted websites

Natura 2000 Award


Label Entreprise Ecodynamique


Myriad – Reducing Risks Together


Digital water city


Circular Economy


Counter Terrorism Monitoring, Reporting and Support Mechanism (CT MORSE)


Be Biodiversity


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