Strategy is how we make sure your message gets heard. We rely on analytics, media consumption data, insights from behavioural sciences and our 10-year experience in communicating sustainability to design, monitor and evaluate tailored communication strategies. We love it when a plan comes together and know how to pivot when it doesn’t.

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Messaging and copywriting

We get your point across with clarity and insight. We offer a broad range of editorial services from longform print articles over tweets to SEO web texts. We specifically have a long track record of turning complex scientific and technical information into compelling narratives. Whatever the topic, we’ll hit your key messages in language that speaks to your audience(s).

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Online and offline engagement

We’ll inform, empower and engage with your network. We have a long-standing experience in stakeholder engagement, particularly in animating networks of SME and industry actors. We also engage citizens in sustainability initiatives. We organise networking events, set up participatory projects and have a particularly strong experience in building engaged communities on social media. In short, we can strengthen your presence online and offline.

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We provide the full suite of events management services for in-person and virtual events. Our expert team has experience organising networking events, professional conferences, awards, showrooms, activation stunts, and large events for the general public. We keep up with the latest technologies and engagement techniques to make sure our events are appealing to visitors while meeting our clients’ specific goals. We always follow the EMAS guidelines on sustainable events organisation and can help you reduce the footprint of your event.

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Thought-provoking design

Our in-house team designs impactful visuals for a variety of channels and finds the right creative angle for any campaign. We create eye-catching illustrations, photos, animations and motion design in all shapes and sizes and for all ages. We pride ourselves on marrying style and content and always look for the best visual to get across your ideas and commitment to sustainability.

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Web services

From quick one-pagers to behemoths with complex data-management systems, we can build the website you need. We also have experience developing online games, custom applications and data visualisation systems. We always design with accessibility in mind and design lean websites that save on energy and bites.

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Media and visibility

We help you get the word out. Our approach to media is build on relevance. We craft engaging and timely content to attract the attention of the right journalists. We’ll be blunt, though, and tell you when we don’t think press will cut it. We can help you garner visibility through online influencers and ambassadors. We can also train your staff and stakeholders to be effective spokespeople.

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Data-driven communication and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation are a crucial part of our strategic approach. It’s how we know what works and what doesn’t. It is how we keep on improving. We can help you gain more insight [DP1] into your audiences and evaluate your current approach to communications and events. We have experience with ex-ante, interim and final evaluations. For more elaborate evaluation efforts, we can rely on the long-held expertise of our colleagues in the sister offices of Technopolis Group.

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Video and animation

Our content creators draft scripts and storyboards to communicate complex sustainability and innovation topics with a creative touch. We can rely on a team of experienced interviewers and camera people to shoot professional video on location and a video producer to add everything together. Our graphic and motion designers can create animated videos that will stick with you.

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