Arctik’s MYRIAD-EU Project Joins the 8th European Civil Protection Forum in Brussels

Last Wednesday, June 5th, Arctik had the honour of participating in the #CPFORUM2024 in Brussels through their project, MYRIAD-EU. This significant event provided an invaluable opportunity to engage with policymakers and practitioners focused on reducing multi-hazard risks.

The workshop titled “Reducing Risks Together: Bridging Disaster Resilience and Climate Adaptation Strategies” addressed critical questions surrounding the integration of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. Discussions centred on how to synergise multi-hazard risk management, climate change adaptation, and nature-based solutions to enhance the implementation of EU Disaster Resilience Goals (DRG).

Professor Daniel Sempere-Torres highlighted the importance of aligning disaster risk reduction with climate change risk assessment and adaptation. Professor Silvia Torresan presented examples from the MYRIAD-EU project, showcasing the integration of climate change risks in disaster risk assessments and their relevance to DRG. Participants then engaged in group discussions focused on the five DRGs: anticipation, preparation, alert, response, and security.

About the MYRIAD-EU Project

MYRIAD-EU’s mission is to catalyse a paradigm shift in risk assessment and management. Instead of addressing risks and hazards in isolation, leading scientists from across Europe are co-developing the first harmonised framework for multi-hazard, multi-sector, and systemic risk management. The active involvement of decision-makers is crucial to achieving this transformative approach. Arctik is leading the Communication Working Package of MYRIAD-EU Horizon 2020 project and is pleased to have participated in this significant initiative. Arctik looks forward to continuing its work in enhancing disaster resilience and climate adaptation strategies across Europe.