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360° stakeholder engagement: the EU Ecolabel Showroom

The EU Ecolabel

Since 1992, the EU Ecolabel is the official European Union voluntary label for environmental excellence. It certifies products with a guaranteed, independently verified low environmental impact. The EU Ecolabel can be currently found on some 90,000 different goods and services under 24 product categories (ranging from paper, detergents, furniture to tourist accommodations, cleaning services, etc.).

For several years, Arctik has served as a trusted communication agency for the European Commission, specifically under the Directorate-General for Environment and its EU Ecolabel team. Our collaboration has centred on devising and executing pioneering communication strategies and initiatives, all aimed at amplifying the presence and recognition of the EU Ecolabel at the grassroots level. Our approach has been comprehensive, adopting a 360° communication strategy that targets all stakeholders. From consumers to policymakers, retailers, producers, and beyond, our aim has been to ensure that every segment of society is informed and engaged with the EU Ecolabel’s mission and values. 

The EU Ecolabel Showroom

A success story in four acts

The EU Ecolabel Showroom was designed in the context of the 25th anniversary of the EU Ecolabel. Its main objective was to increase citizens’ exposure to the EU Ecolabel to increase brand recognition and promote the purchase of products bearing the EU Ecolabel. The idea was to showcase and raise awareness of EU Ecolabel products by bringing a commercial approach to the EU certification scheme.

The Showroom offered a 360° stakeholder engagement approach that aims to:

  • Activate brand recognition with consumers and showcase the EU Ecolabel brand to all relevant stakeholders
  • Encourage a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Create synergies with other EU, national and local initiatives
  • Generate traction with licence holders and retailers
  • Bring together local actors and associations

A success story in four acts

Act I.
Brussels, Belgium

In 2017 Arctik organised the first Showroom, which took place on the iconic Mont des Arts in Brussels. The event attracted hundreds of passers-by to visit the unique pop-up ‘shop’. The Showroom was deemed a success by the EU Ecolabel stakeholders (licence holders, national representatives, EU Commission) and saw a large number of consumers interact with the label, both at the event site and online.

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Act II
Paris, France

One year later, in 2018, Arctik had the opportunity to redesign the Showroom experience in Paris. Building on our experience, we emphasised the best of the design to create a unique public space that simulated an EU Ecolabel shop where products and services were displayed to inform passers-by of the EU Ecolabel and the benefits it provides consumers.

Why buying EU Ecolabel?

Berlin, Germany

In 2020, a third edition of the Showroom took place in Berlin. This edition coincided with the German Presidency of the EU. It ensured a good visibility of the EU Ecolabel in Germany, a successful stakeholder engagement with higher recognition of the EU Ecolabel among consumers, media, and multipliers, with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of licence holders.

With a good cost effectiveness ratio, the EU Ecolabel Showroom concept applied in Belgium, France and Germany brought visibility, choice, reach, timing, conviviality, functionality, programme, experience and video content.

Act IV.1
European roadshow

In 2022 for the 30th anniversary of the EU Ecolabel, Arctik reinvented the concept by keeping the essential features that made it a 360° stakeholder engagement activity: a Showroom on Wheels! The new version of the Showroom both built a brand’s image and drove a specific action by connecting and interacting with the target audience on a personal interest.

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Act IV.2
EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels!

Arctik set up a mobile showroom with an e-bike and a folding caravan, organising a six-month EU Ecolabel tour in 6 European countries and 29 cities. After its inauguration at the EU Green Week, the Showroom on Wheels started touring across the EU: it was displayed in Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Luxembourg, and returned to Brussels for the World Ecolabel Day. The mobile showroom travelled in popular places inside the cities as well as in trade/business fairs, to target both consumers and businesses. It made the EU Ecolabel known to consumers and businesses, increasing awareness and engagement through a brand experience.

Where was the EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels riding your sustainable choices?

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