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Because Soil Carbon Matters


Since 2022, ORCaSa stands for operationalising the Soil Carbon IRC (International Research Consortium). This Horizon Europe project seeks to address the issue of increasing carbon emissions from human activities, which have led to a disruption in the balance of organic carbon absorbed and stored in the soil to support plant growth. 

ORCaSa supports the MissionA Soil Deal for Europe’ of the Horizon Europe research programme, which bears the implementation of the EU Soil Strategy by finding solutions to protect and restore soil health. It is estimated that between 60 and 70% of EU soil is unhealthy. 

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Growing results from valuable messages

Within ORCaSa, Arctik is enabling the development and promotion of an online platform where all current knowledge on soil carbon is collected and made accessible. We translate technical content into engaging and easily understandable news, graphic material, social media posts and videos. 

We are leading all the communication activities for ORCaSa; the design, launch, implementation and monitoring of all the project’s channels: logo and visual identity, website, social media platforms, flyers and graphic materials, among others. 

Arctik is also in charge of publicizing the Soil Carbon IRC (International Research Consortium), which will be officially launched in autumn 2023.