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Communication for greater and better renovation!

RENOLUTION is Brussels-Capital Region’s strategy aiming to revolutionise the renovation of buildings in Brussels. It is led by an Alliance bringing together the construction, financial and associative sectors and the social partners to meet the challenges of the energy transition. Its goal? Better, and faster renovation of more buildings, so as to meet the European objective of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Building renovation

A matter of communication

Renolution is an ambitious renovation strategy that requires support of many stakeholders (construction professionals, public and financial actors, private sector, homeowners, etc.). Communication therefore plays an essential function to allow for collective awareness and action.

Arctik has been chosen by the public authorities of Brussels for its expertise in environmental communication, its capacity to provide multi-channel diffusion solutions, to create tailor-made networks, as well as for its experience in promoting technical and scientific contents.

Community management

Community management

For this large-scale project, we have been entrusted with community management. We ensure the digital presence of the RENOLUTION strategy, thereby directly participating in its implementation, notoriety, and overall capacity for mobilisation.

Our mission is to create an active community by drafting content adapted to all of the strategy’s target audiences. We also make sure to cover all of the Alliance’s subjects, projects, and expertise.

 We offer multiple content options:

  • Design/editing of inspiring, technical or thematic contents for both professionals and the general public
  • Daily feeding and moderation of official accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Creation and feeding of a Youtube channel (videos, shorts, playlists, thumbnails...)
  • Video design (tailor-made editing according to the distribution channels)
  • Strategic monitoring to increase audience size

We are also at the heart of the Alliance by coordinating its editorial calendar, as well as its news’ publication process on its official website.