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Fostering communication across oceans

Evaluating EU funded projects in Guadeloupe

The umbrella organisation “L’Europe s’engage en Guadeloupe” oversees the allocation of EU funds to projects that make a difference on the Caribbean island group. In the years 2014-2020, more than € 1 billion of funding reached the French overseas territories Guadeloupe and Saint Martin. Time to assess how successfully the different initiatives have been communicated and how to move forward.

Multi-annual audit across channels

Arctik performed a communication audit for “L’Europe s’engage en Guadeloupe” to figure out how the visibility of EU funded projects could be improved on the different channels. The evaluation assessed the two main communication channels of the organisation – the website and different social media profiles – and different collaborations with partners. The audit was carried out using different analytics tools. Based on the evaluation, Arctik complied recommendations tailored to the client’s needs and training materials on how to strategize and implement successful social media campaigns.

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