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Swimming in Paris thanks to high-tech

Tech solutions and their benefits made relatable

Digital Water City is a Horizon 2020 project with the mission to make Europe’s waterways sewage-free. In many big European cities, wastewater still spills into rivers when heavy rain lets the sewage system overflow. This causes environmental damage to already degraded ecosystems and has one inconvenient side effect – city dwellers cannot even imagine jumping into their local rivers for a swim to cool off on a hot summer day.

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Turning science
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Communicating science to a wide audience

A communication aim of every Horizon project is to make the public aware of what research the EU is funding. For Digital Water City, Arctik decided to reach out to several renowned media outlets across Europe focusing on the benefits for the urban population if sewage overspills would become a thing of the past. Arctik secured coverage of the project on the BBC, the BBC World Service, Euronews, Euractiv and national public broadcasting.

Digital water city