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The world’s complexity in simple words

Copywriting and messaging

RUSI is an independent UK think tank that focuses on defence, security, and international affairs. Their CT Morse project provides policy, monitoring and support to the EU's external actions on counterterrorism. RUSI works with local organisations and communities around the world, for example in Malaysia or Nigeria, to prevent and counter violent extremism – a complex topic that’s difficult to grasp.

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Untangling without simplifying

A brochure on preventing extremism

RUSI asked for a brochure that shows the most relevant findings of nearly 500 programmes carried out over almost one decade. The brochure is used as a giveaway at events to explain the EU’s work to make communities more resilient to extremism. Arctik filtered the content and interviewed local project operators and beneficiaries. Balancing representation, using sensitive language, and avoiding stereotypes were paramount while drafting the copy of the booklet. The final product features 10 illustrated stories breaking down the complex issues.

Counter Terrorism Monitoring, Reporting and Support Mechanism (CT MORSE)