The EU Ecolabel Showroom on Wheels is at the Berlaymont

Under the EU Ecolabel Stakeholder Communication Activities contract, Arctik has brought the EU Ecolabel Showroom back to life, but this time on wheels!

In celebration of the EU Ecolabel’s 30th anniversary, the Showroom on Wheels will travel across Europe showcasing EU Ecolabel-awarded products and services.

After the official inauguration at EU Green Week, and an appearance at Fête de L’Environment, the Showroom’s final stop in Brussels is the Berlaymont! At the heart of the European Commission, the Showroom can be found in the Piazza until 30 June.  

Once it leaves Brussels, our beloved bike and caravan will have quite the Journey across Europe. In July, the Showroom on Wheels will travel to 12 cities across Germany, and then it will makes its way to Estonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and then back to Brussels for World Ecolabel Day! 

Follow the journey on the EU Ecolabel LinkedIn