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Celebrating Europe’s biodiversity

The European Natura 2000 Award

From coastal wetlands to alpine wilderness, Europe’s most pristine habitats and their species are protected as Natura 2000 sites. They are looked after by committed conservationists, many of whom are volunteers. While their work is crucial for conserving unique landscapes, most of what they do never reaches the public’s attention. Arctik’s resourceful strategy to communicate the Natura 2000 Award changed that.

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Rewarding efforts

2 campaign styles combined

Arctik’s strategy combined the core elements of a conversion and a brand awareness campaign to raise the visibility of the Award among Natura 2000 site managers and the public. This approach tapped into a growing consciousness for the environment and increased the awareness of the public for the award but also the EU’s nature and biodiversity policies at large. At the same time, the campaign motivated conservationists to apply and improved the improved the level of familiarity of the Award among them. The communication strategy was completed with targeted dissemination activities to engage relevant multipliers across Europe for a bigger reach.