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Exploring future polar climates


This Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme aims to close critical knowledge gaps on the influence of Polar changes on the global climate system. PolarRES is a multi-partner project and a member of the EU Polar Cluster, a network of collaborative polar projects funded by the European Commission.

The PolarRES project focuses on developing storylines of climate changes, i.e. scenarios of how the environmental changes may impact the Polar Regions in the Arctic and Antarctic. Groups of scientists from the partnering institutions are working on individual components of climate change in order to develop a consolidated dataset providing more insight into future Polar Region changes. 

The developed storylines are directly linked to several detrimental environmental impacts to the Arctic and Antarctic, such as forest fires, permafrost thaw, or endangered marine ecosystems. The impacts are displayed in an interactive tool, in order to share and promote the findings to non-academic audiences.  

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On a mission to close knowledge gaps

Even though the Polar Regions play a crucial role in balancing the global climate system, there are still significant knowledge gaps regarding the impact of their processes on multiple scales and how they are evolving with our changing climate.

Our Arctik team specialises in crafting effective dissemination and communication strategies to raise awareness about the value of polar climate systems, by creating captivating visuals and brand designs, developing engaging websites and content, and orchestrating impactful outreach and event activities.

We also coordinate citizen science initiatives, create online knowledge transfer tools, and wield the power of visual online storytelling to convey messages that have an impact and inspire.

Arctik has coordinated, promoted and developed a series of educational initiatives and tools:

  • Polar (change) explorer. This tools offers an intuitive and interactive experience to explore the climate impact on the Polar Regions.
  • Polar Panorama. This participative citizen science project gathers all types of thoughts and contributions in order to obtain the citizen’s view of the ongoing changes in the Arctic and Antarctic.
  • PolarRES for the Future Generation. A series of webinars that taught young students (ages 14+) about the complexities of climate change and the physical processes which drive it.

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