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Towards a circular economy


Moving away from a linear economy is essential to reduce wasting resources and the environmental impact while improving people’s well-being. Be Circular was first set up in 2016 by the local government of the Brussels capital region to promote the economy of the future which is regional and innovative.

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Fostering change

Arctik has been involved in the Programme Régional en Economie Circulaire under which the Be Circular project is run since 2018. The project is highly dynamic and challenges our consultants who constantly adapt to provide the best results. Our consultants engage in events online and in-person such as pitching sessions. Arctik also provides a well-performing website and editorial content to advertise the transition towards a circular economy in the Brussels region.

Circular Economy

Be Circular – Coucou shop

“L’économie circulaire nous a permis de rencontrer énormément d’intervenants qui sont dans ce domaine-là, d’améliorer des processus qui n’étaient pas encore en place, de vraiment réfléchir à de nouvelles méthodes, de nouvelles manières de faire.”

Marie Berlier, co-fondatrice de Coucou

Be Circular – Mister Genius

Interview des clients

Be Circular – Beer food

BeerFood- Interview des consommateurs

Be Circular – Ancienne Belgique

AB – Interview des clients