Showcasing the role of peer reviews in sustainable urban development: A new video series

Arctik has teamed up with the European Urban Initiative to produce EUI Peers In The Spotlight, a captivating video compilation emphasising the importance of peer reviews in enhancing sustainable urban development strategies across cities in Europe.

This multimedia project sheds light on the process and advantages of benchmarking and peer learning among cities to promote urban planning and sustainability development. Peer reviews consist of pre-defined activities that allow cities to evaluate and provide recommendations for their urban strategies.

The videos highlight the positive outcomes that European cities have achieved through this collaborative approach, presenting the tangible improvements within their communities.

This initiative encourages the adoption of peer review mechanisms to elevate urban development efforts. It invites urban stakeholders to discover how peer review can catalyse sustainable urban transformation.

Watch the videos now and learn more on the relevance of peer reviews for European cities:

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