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Play the energy saving game!

DOMINO, a H2020 project, challenges consumers to change their energy efficiency behaviour. Teams in Berlin, Brussels and Naples are invited to participate in the new social experience and compete to save energy at home with the DOMINO Challenge: A serious game for smart people using smart plugs!

Conserving energy at home can have a real impact on energy bills. Across the European Union, individual households consume almost 30% of all total energy expended. The DOMINO project will nudge more than 3,400 households from the regions of Brussels, Berlin and Naples towards more energy efficient behaviour and will connect participating households in their region to nurture peer learning and strengthen social bonds.

Arctik leads the DOMINO communication activities as a project partner by engaging people to commit themselves to the DOMINO Smart Plug Challenge by: developing a range of communication tools and managing communication channels; designing and co-developing a DOMINO website and iOS and Android app; exploiting social media marketing (such as Facebook Business Manager); overseeing communication activities by local partners in Berlin, Brussels and Naples.

To optimise the campaign’s effectiveness, the project draws upon behavioural change approaches, such as ‘stage theories’, viewing behaviour change as a journey that happens over time, and the paradigm of ‘binding communication’, linking persuasive communication and commitment theory. By engaging people to commit themselves to the DOMINO Challenge, the project aims to make these individuals more receptive to the subsequent messages on energy saving.

More information on the DOMINO Challenge is available on

Bruxelles Environnement (IBGE), adelphi, Agenzia Napoletana Energia e Ambiente (ANEA), Plugwise, Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP).

Facts about the projects

  • Title: DOMINO (H2020 No. 696074) – Play the energy saving game!
  • Client: European Commission, DG Research and Innovation
  • Date: 04 Mar 16

Projects overview