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Multiple framework contracts for the provision of impact assessment, evaluation and evaluation-related services in the field of communication activities

This inter-institutional framework contract (n° PO/2016-06/01), launched by the European Commission DG Communication, aims at assessing the actual impacts of the communication actions of the EU institutions, agencies or bodies, particularly within the context of the Better Regulation package.

The services requested consist of 2 lots, both of which Arctik is a part of:

Lot 1 – Impact assessments, Evaluations (i.e. ex-ante, interim, ex-post evaluations, Fitness Checks and meta-evaluations) and other evaluation-related studies in the field of communication activities
Lot 2 – Development and implementation of monitoring and evaluation tools and systems

Under Lot 1, Arctik’s role is to carry out fully fledged impact assessments, evaluations and studies that have, as a main delivery, a final report or a comprehensive study.

The tasks involved include defining appropriate evaluation criteria, conducting empirical work and proposing realistic recommendations.

A broad range of activities can be evaluated, e.g. communication strategy/campaign, specific communication action within a strategy/campaign, a communication tool or network, or market studies.

Lot 2 deals with the execution of specific monitoring or evaluation tasks, preparatory studies or smaller scale projects. Potential assignments include, e.g.:

• Defining objectives, drafting intervention logics, and carrying out scoping analyses, stakeholder mappings, monitoring systems, questionnaires.
• Applying testing methods
• Designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation tools, e.g. online surveys, consultations, focus groups, monitoring systems.

Facts about the projects

  • Title: Communication evaluation services for the EU
  • Client: European Commission, DG Communication
  • Date: 01 Jan 17

Projects overview